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Live Vaastu Aroma Incense Cones

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These dry aroma incense cones made out of pure sandalwood, guggaland frankincense which retains its fragrance for a very long time. When burnt as incense, these release a strong and pleasant aroma which purifies and lingers in the environment around. This product is being used in various religious ceremonies as well but lighting it every day in the house clears all negative vibrations from there. The atmosphere gets cleansed and helps in felicitating a meditative environment. The best part about these cones is that they burn out completely to emit an aromatic fragrance which pleases both the deities as well as the devotees. The main features of this product are
• It is purely natural
• It comes in cone shape
• Its aroma lingers for hours
• It comes in mixed aromas and multiple colored cones



The best part about these aroma incense cones is that they spread and fill the environment with positivity and serenity. The advantages of burning them are:

• They remove negative vibrations from the environment
• Induce positivity within the premises where they are burnt
• Helps gain happiness and peace of mind
• The environment becomes pure and serene
• It clears evil energies from within the surrounding.


Start the practice of burning these cones in your house and office everyday so as to ensure success, prosperity and happiness. 

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