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Puja Lota Copper Big

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Puja Lota
Puja accessories is created to embrace the ambiance of worship with divinity and so to make oblations auspicious.
These eternal creations will charm your family & friends and are ideal corporate gifts too. Each of these beautiful, healthy & ethentic gifts will be cherished for life. Gift Copper, Gift Health. Let your gift convey the good will message – Health is Wealth.

Benefits of Drinking Water in Copper Item

If you make it a daily habit to fill up a Copper Lota with water at night and drink it first thing in the morning, then you are following a healthy routine that washes the GI track, flushes the kidneys, and stimulates peristalsis. The ‘activated’ water also purifies your blood, promotes healthy skin and prevents asthma, as water with traces of copper in it changes the constitutional tendency to get respiratory problems. Here are some more benefits of drinking water stored in Copper Lota:
Copper helps in the production of melanin. This means it cures skin pigmentation and also arrests graying of hair.
Copper helps in correcting the functioning of the thyroid gland.
Copper, naturally controls and prevents bone depletion, osteoporosis, arthritis and other muscle and bone degenerative disorders.
Copper controls bad cholesterol and promotes the increase of beneficial cholesterol.
You will notice regular bowel movements, stronger immunity, increase in stamina, brighter skin and shinier hair … and more if you drink water stored in Copper Lota every morning!
Caution: Pregnant women or people already on some kind of copper supplementation should consult their physicians before trying the product. Excessive intake can also increase high blood pressure. Consume just once in the morning from Copper.

Product Description

* Beautiful Pure Copper Lota for Pooja room use.
* Great for keeping as Kalash near God place.
* It can be used as Tableware.
* Clear the waste of attached with intstinal walls & keep the stomach free from the all stomach diseases.
* Regulate many other order of body.
* It can be used for storing water overnight and drinking it in the morning for better health.

Weight 138 Grams
Materials: Copper

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